Getting off Medications?

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It is on a daily basis that I get consulted about using alternative modalities to treat various mental health difficulties. By alternatives, I mean “other than the conventional psychotropic interventions”. Following are the points to consider when thinking about treatment options.  -Mental health problems come [...]

Under the Umbrella of a sick role

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In 1951 a sociologist named Talcott Parsons, coined the concept of Sick Role. It tries to define the role of a sick person in a society. Sickness or illness is viewed as a departure from the regular state of affairs in a society. Society tends [...]

Should we be medicating stress?

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The past few decades of medical research have shown unequivocally that those with chronic stressors in their lives are more vulnerable to disease. Chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system that may ultimately manifest an illness. The illness can be physical (like heart [...]

The healing power of spontaneity

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Spontaneity is a voluntary or undetermined action. It is frequently observed that in difficult times, spontaneity disappears. A state akin to freezing up happens. Security is desired. Predictability is desired. Spontaneous decisions tend to be a trade off for more predictable decisions; yet both [...]

Not afraid of the dark

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Integrative or Holistic Psychiatry is an approach that considers and utilizes both conventional and complementary therapies in addressing emotional and mental challenges. I will try explaining it with the help of an anecdote about Nasreddin. Nasreddin was a Sufi wise man who taught important lessons about life through subtle [...]