Here are some important things to consider about Integrative Psychiatry Austin before considering an appointment with us.

Our patients have several things in common. Some of the characteristics you may share are:

  • Conventional psychiatry has failed you and you want a doctor that thinks outside the box
  • You are not in the midst of an urgent mental health crisis and can wait a few days or weeks to be seen
  • You want more time with your mental health provider
  • You are fairly stabilized and wanting to go deeper into healing your mental health issues.
  • You have residual symptoms after long term medication use
  • You want to consider alternatives to medication and a holistic approach to your mental health
  • You realize that your mental health symptoms and your overall physical health are inextricably linked
  • You do not depend on insurance to cover the cost of your mental healthcare

Choosing a mental health provider requires good self awareness

Please review the following important information before becoming a patient:

Our About page, including conditions treated and rates

Our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, for important information about how we practice

Choosing a mental health provider requires knowledge about how the provider practices.


Integrative Psychiatry Austin does not offer after hours call or crisis care.

Dr. Javed works solo without other physicians to cover him when he is away from the office. For this reason, we are unable to see patients who are in the midst of an urgent mental health crisis.

Please click the following link to complete a brief self-screening to determine if we are able to provide the mental health support you need before making an appointment with us.

After completing this form, watch your email for more information from our office.

Self-Screening Tool and Request for Information


After completing Step 1 and Step 2, please watch for TWO DIFFERENT emails from us:

  1. After you submit the Self-Assessment Tool form online (see Step 2), you will receive an automatic email from us with a link to our New Patient Information packet. Please review this information carefully before making an appointment.
  2. Your request and answers to the Self-Assessment Tool will also be reviewed by our Clinical Coordinator. The next step is to watch for a “Welcome to Our Practice” email inviting you to set up a Patient Portal account and book a 10-minute Q&A appointment.

Other Resources

• If you (or your child) are a danger to yourself/themselves or others, please call 911.
• If you (or your child) are experiencing a psychiatric crisis, please call the 24/7 Crisis Hotline at 512-472-4357.

Watch your email for information from us.

If you do not receive the two described emails from us, please contact us by email so that we can troubleshoot your request.