Telemedicine services make keeping appointments convenient and easy

Integrative Psychiatry Austin is pleased to offer virtual visits to our existing patients. When meeting in person is inconvenient due to having to travel, or to accommodate a trip away, our virtual visit brings us together by video chat.

Currently, virtual visits are offered for:

  • All visits with Dr. Qazi Javed (medication check up and psychotherapy)
  • All visits with neuropsychologist and therapist, Dr. Carney Soderberg
  • All visits with our PA, Sara Klopp
  • Nutrition consultation and follow-ups with nutritionist, Brenda Gregory
  • Herbal visits for established patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and herbalist, Audrey Barden-Rossetti, Herbalist & Acupuncturist

To schedule a virtual visit:

1.) Log-in to the patient portal or call the office to schedule a virtual telespych appointment
2.) Request an appointment as usual. Make a note that you would like a telepsych appointment.
3.) Receive a confirmation email/text message.
4.) You will receive a login link for your appointment.
5.) At the time of your appointment, log-in to your link, and we will see you in our virtual waiting room.

Virtual visits can be conducted from the convenience of home, car–anywhere. We recommend a quiet place, to accommodate the best sound quality and to offer you privacy.

If you’d like to schedule a virtual visit, you may also call the office at 512-766-7803.

Once your appointment has been scheduled, please check the link prior to your appointment to ensure all browsers are up to date prior to your appointment.  Please make sure you have filled out the consent for telepsychiatry.  You will locate this form in the patient portal under Questionnaire. Scroll down to Consent Form and it is the third from the bottom.