We offer care in which every focus is towards the individual getting better. And the terms “better” and “recovery” are defined by the individual themselves.

What exactly does “Integrative Psychiatry” mean?

This means that we combine conventional and complementary or alternative therapies, as well as a holistic mindset to treat people. Our approach sees all patients as a unique human beings with different stressors, symptoms, and lifestyles that affect their mental health.

Integrative Psychiatry Austin integrates various philosophies, treatment modalities, and systems of diagnosis into an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Leaning heavily on both conventional allopathic treatment models and traditional, mind-body, and herbal medicine, we help each person find a balance that works best for their individual mental health goals.

How do I know if you a good fit for my mental health needs?

Most of our patients come to our practice stabilized and wanting to go deeper into healing their mental health issues. Others consult us because they want to consider alternative treatments after long term medication use. Yet others consult to establish a long term healing relationship. We have generally found that people reap the benefit of what they bring to their healing, be it commitment, motivation, sincerity, time or resources.

What happens if I have a crisis after hours?

Dr. Javed does not offer after hours call or crisis care. It is important that your needs are met in a structure that can keep you safe. If safety is a concern, then you might need inpatient treatment, outpatient hospitalization or a practice that can offer you after hour support. As a self assessment tool, please ask yourself if you were in danger of committing suicide in the last 3 years. If the answer is yes, we strongly advise you to bring this fact up before or during the appointment to specifically enquire if your needs can be met in our practice.

Is there a late cancellation fee or no show fee?

All cancellations require a 48 hour notice either through the patient portal, or by leaving a message at 512-766-7803. Full visit charges will apply for notice given less than 48 hours before the assigned appointment time.

Will my insurance reimburse me for my work with Dr. Javed?

While we don’t accept insurance assignments for payment, many patients with out-of-network benefits are reimbursed for some charges after satisfying their deductibles. It is your sole responsibility to determine whether such reimbursement will apply by contacting your insurance company.

Our practice is also quite ideal for those with high deductibles or Medical Savings Plans (MSA) or Health Savings Plan (HSA).

How can I bill my charges to my insurance company if I am covered for out-of-network practitioners?

You will be given a coded superbill that you can submit to your insurance company. Some insurance companies honor the charges, some will reimburse you for a portion of the charges, and many do not cover them at all. If this is important, please ask your insurance company BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT what they reimburse for out-of-network practitioners that you pay out of pocket.

Can I buy the supplements that Dr. Javed prescribes for me online?

You can buy your supplements from any quality compounding or natural pharmacy. For your convenience, we also maintain an integrated supplements service through our electronic medical records for those who want to order during their patient visit. The choice is entirely up to you.

How do I refill my prescriptions?

To refill your prescriptions please call your pharmacy. They will fax us the refill request. If your pharmacy needs our fax number, it is 512-666-3768.

How do I become a patient?

To apply to become a new patient, please visit our Become a Patient page. Read this page thoroughly and complete the Self Assessment Tool in order to receive an information packet.

How do I gain access to the Patient Portal?

When you complete our Self-Assessment Tool and request a new patient information packet you will receive an invitation to the Patient Portal when you are approved by the Clinical Coordinator. You will then be able to schedule a 10-minute Q&A phone call and set your New Patient appointment.