What Total Holistic Care Offers

Total Holistic Care combines multiple holistic and medical disciplines for thorough integrative exploration combined with maximum efficacy and efficiency of care. Total Holistic Care presents your case simultaneously to multidiscipline practitioners who review, discuss and treat in coordination with the person. Total Holistic Care offers the opportunity to optimize your physical, emotional, and spiritual health while working with your entire treatment team under one roof.

This is not appropriate for everyone and is only available case-by-case. It is a significant investment of time, effort, and finances. It however gives us the ability to utilize the strengths of our unique model of care to consult on cases that need a high level of attention and care. It is highly customizable and fees for evaluation, labs, and supplements can range from $3,000 onwards. For this, the treatment team is assembled based on the unique needs of the case. For more details please contact us.

Total Holistic Care can help:

  • When conventional therapy and treatment has not achieved the results you are seeking
  • When a thorough diagnostic investigation is needed to get to the root of the problem
  • If you are seeking transformative care to optimize your health and wellness
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Total holistic care can include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Blood analysis
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Genetic testing-informed care
  • EEG-informed care
  • Ketamine evaluation
  • Health maintenance
  • Herbal medicine
  • And more

Total Holistic Care

At Integrative Psychiatry Austin, our entire team will work with you in partnership toward the goals of helping you get better, feel better, and stay better. To that end, we offer total holistic care as an excellent treatment option that offers a more complete approach to help you go beyond symptom resolution to healing. If you have tried a conventional medical approach to treatment without success, then total holistic care could be the right solution for you.

An Integrated Approach to Healing in Austin

Total Holistic Care is a thorough, multi-disciplinary evaluation that assesses the root of the problem. At Integrative Psychiatry Austin, our team can provide in-depth specialized testing to determine the best approach to treatment for your case. Initial appointments include sessions with your total holistic care team and can range from three to five hours. Follow-up appointments typically range from 30 to 60 minutes. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.