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To help people, it’s imperative to understand them completely, and this is one of our main focuses at Integrative Psychiatry Austin! We go the extra mile to help you find the right therapist so that you feel comfortable and empowered in our psychotherapy sessions. We offer a variety of psychotherapy services designed to help individuals, couples, and families better function and feel their best.

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy allows you to open up about your problems privately and confidentially with a professional psychotherapist. We use individual psychotherapy with a healthy blend of additional mind-body treatments to help you gain the most out of your sessions. With individual therapy services, you can work with one of our trained professionals in areas like conflict resolution, behavioral problems, expressing emotions, and much more.

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Couples Therapy

If you want to improve your relationship with your significant other, couples therapy is a great choice.
This type of psychotherapy consists of interventions aimed at resolving conflicts, problem-solving, change-oriented treatments, establishing relationship goals, and more. We offer an integrated approach to psychotherapy and other healing methods to help make your sessions more successful.

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Pediatric Psychiatry

Pediatric psychiatry is concerned with the treatment of behavioral and emotional disorders of children. This includes kids over 4 years of age up to 18, when they are considered adults. Our team will work to comprehensively assess children before starting psychotherapy. These assessments include ancestry tests, studying the biological and psychological state of the family, and more, so your child’s needs are met with our services.

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Family Therapy

Families stand at the very foundation of our communities and therefore deserve quality therapy services whenever needed. Family psychotherapy works to help family members open up and solve problems as a team to ultimately become a healthier, cohesive unit.

Integrative Psychiatry Austin provides a variety of psychotherapeutic services, including family, couples, pediatric, and individual therapies. We offer a healthy blend of scientific therapy methods and mind-body treatment modalities to help you lead a better, more healthy life!

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