Our practice in on the move. (But not to worry, we’re only moving over a few feet!) There are exciting changes on the horizon for Integrative Psychiatry Austin.

On May 1, we will be moving the Westlake office from the Neurobehavioral Institute of Austin into a private suite in the building right next door. Following this, in about six months, we will be adding one or two days a week seeing patients in a new office in Cedar Park.

These developments represent the growth of the integrative and functional medicine model of psychiatry that allow us to tailor our patient experience to be more personalized and thorough. We will be integrating several new treatment modalities, and further emphasizing wellbeing rather than sickness.

During this move, we will be implementing a new EMR and a patient portal, so people can more easily remain in touch with us. We will also be sending out health news from time to time in a new newsletter.

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